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Customs legislation has the characteristic of being dynamic and changing therefore with this service we can identify the most appropriate strategy to enable it to generate savings and improve the efficiency customs operations through our experience and the correct application of the legal framework, thus avoiding to incur in offenses punishable by the authority in case of be detected.

  • Updated and correct application of customs legislation.
  • Advice for verifying compliance with customs requirements, even during the faculties of verification by the customs authorities (foreign trade audits).
  • Procedures for obtaining permits, programs and authorizations.
  • Studies of Origin and correct fill of the Certificate of Origin
  • Advice about the proper administration of your programs: IMMEX, Prosec, Certification VAT, etc.
  • Planning and development of new projects, with their respective records and permits.
  • Customs Tax planning for the implementation of strategies to reduce the payment of duties.
  • Structure of customs and logistics costs.